Critical Cloud Networking Training | OSI model definition | Open System Interconnection Model

In this video Critical Cloud Networking Training | OSI model definition | Open System Interconnection Model Mike gives an easy-to-understand OSI Model lecture. He will define the OSI Model and explain the OSI Model. The OSI model in networking is a model to explain network communications across platforms, and understanding the OSI reference model is important cloud networking fundamentals.

The 7 Layers of OSI Model are:
• Physical layer OSI Model
• data link layer osi model
• network layer osi model
• transport layer osi model
• session layer osi model
• presentation layer osi model
• application layer osi model

If you want to understand the functions of OSI layers, and grasp this concept of networking for cloud architects or cloud engineers, then make sure you watch this video.

In this video AWS VPC Security Best Practices | Azure Security Architecture | Cloud Security Architecture Training Mike provides a review of how to properly implement security in the cloud. We cover everything from AWS NACL vs Security Group, AWS Shield, content delivery network (cdn), and more. Not only is this overview appropriate for AWS security architecture, but also google cloud security, and azure security best practices.

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Guide for Hosting an Entertainment Website

If you own a website that is related to entertainment or still planning to build one, here are some good advises to help you make your website really entertaining and not the other way around. The primary thing you really need to have is talent. Yes talent is the very first thing you need to provide in your website because if not, your website may end up boring and not entertaining at all.

Resources for Testing Browsers Across Multiple Platforms

With the unremitting progression of assorted browsers, a severe challenge has confronted the testing panels. They have an additional task of providing tested harmony across diverse browsers. In the day and age where there are many browsers, the numbers of test cases that need to be run have also increased significantly. Naturally, it also signifies that the costs related to testing are on the rise too. To account for this all, what the testing teams need is a verification and authentication phase along with an expert to be a part of the team. The times have changed and testing tools are fast replacing human resource. Likewise, the cross-browser compatibility tools have become a reason of mega-relief for the testing teams. So go ahead, employ any of those free or premium tools; premium in case you have any specific requirements to fulfill.

Webmail in UK – BT Mail & Talktalk Mail

The world has not been reduced to a global village by sheer luck. Sophisticated modes of communication miles and miles away over a mere click of a button defines it all. Long gone are the letter days whereby you had to wait for like forever before you received any form of feedback.

Retire Early With Affiliate Marketing

How many people would really love to retire early and spend their days concentrating on their hobbies; especially with the new retirement laws now in place. How fit and able will you be when that day comes? Will you be well enough to do the things you have been waiting for? Is it travel, golf, or other sporting activities? What are you dreaming of?

The Secret Formula to Making Lots of Money on the Internet

In this article you will learn the Secret Formula to making lots of money on the internet and what the top income earners are doing to make big money online fast! A lot of the information you will find in this article can easily make you a Million bucks if you take it and yourself seriously!

Making System Integration Work For You As An IT Business

One of the more exciting and least considered aspect of information technology is the field of system integration. Though most people don’t really think about this particular process, it can be a vital one to the operation of any computer system. And having someone who is capable of working with various software and hardware and enabling them to function together as a whole is extremely valuable to any business.

Is Making Money Online Really Possible?

Well, yes, we know many people throughout the world wonder whether making money online is really possible. After all, it seems way too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Critical Role of Reputation Management for Organizations

Your company needs strong Reputation management strategies to anticipate critical online issues. Reputation management is a basic yet highly effective element of maintaining any business on the web in an effortless manner.

Thinking of Starting an Online Business – But How?

Are you thinking of starting an online business but unsure how to begin? Here are a few pointers to help you. Today 1,670,000,000 people are searching Google for ideas or ways to “start an online business”. Are you one of these searchers? Online marketing is becoming a very popular way of earning extra cash and your business can be grown to whatever level you require, dependent on time and effort invested. There are mum’s working part-time and millionaires in the industry, there is room for all.

How Future Proof Is Your Job?

Robot technology and artificial intelligence are improving daily. Already there are robots in warehouses moving stock around where forklift drivers used to be. There are tests being done on driver-less cars in the USA which means it is only a matter of time before trucks and vans no longer need drivers. Robots can even make your coffee from an app now. They know who you are and how you like it – no matter where you are in the world. This makes me wonder just how future proof our jobs really are these days and just how long it will be before humans are no longer needed or required in the workplace.

How Business Owners Can Monetize Their Website The RIGHT Way

Every business owner is looking for ways to make money with their website. In this article we will be talking about the most lucrative ways to monetize your website as you better serve your customer.

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