Cloud Architect vs Cloud Engineer – Our Focus Makes Our Jobs Different!

People confuse a cloud architect with a cloud engineer every day. But the focus of a cloud architect vs cloud engineer is so different. Thats why the cloud architect job and cloud engineer job are so different.

As cloud architects we design, present, and sell technology solutions to improve our customers business performance. We cloud architects don’t code, configure, or even touch the technology. We must remain big picture – focused on improving our customers business performance with technology.

By comparison a cloud engineers implements the cloud solution designed by the cloud architect. The cloud engineer is a systems builder. The cloud engineers job focus is hands on implementation.

The distinction of a cloud architect vs cloud engineer is clear.

It’s much the same way as a building architect designs the blueprint for a building, and a construction crew builds the building.

Cloud architect skills and cloud engineer skills are so different as our focus and jobs are so different!

So train for the right cloud career and get the best cloud jobs!

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