Best Tech Jobs For The Future | Most Lucrative Tech Jobs | Hottest Tech Jobs

In this episode of Head in the Clouds, Best Tech Jobs For The Future | Most Lucrative Tech Jobs | Hottest Tech Jobs. Mike and Elonzo talk about everything from tech jobs in demand to the best tech jobs for career changers. It is important that you know about future proof tech jobs and technology careers in demand so that you can be prepared for some of the highest paying tech jobs in the future and be secure in your career long term.

Not only will we talk about tech jobs of the future, but we will also talk about what we think are the best jobs in tech. Do you want to know the tech careers in demand, or might you be looking for jobs in tech without coding?

Should you become a Cloud Security Architect, or maybe pursue a DevOps engineer career? Better yet, maybe you should try a solutions architect career, cloud engineer, job, or cloud architect job. Make sure to tune in for this episode to learn more about the best tech careers, and lastly, we will make sure to talk about recession proof tech jobs.

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So join us for this discussion covering everything from inflation macroeconomics, to how to make money in a recession, to potential tech layoffs; and be prepared for success.


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Why Should You Be A Good People-Person?

Are you ‘good with people’? This is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of any business person. If you own a business but you’re not a people person, you might want to think about following this advice. Read on to find out more.

Awaken Your Giant Within and Achieve Your Dreams

Do you believe you can do everything you really desire if you want it badly enough. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams? This is why there are experts in every fields, they were prepared to!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Jiff on Plaster!

I learned something the other day in fact, I learned two things when we were talking to a neighbour. She told us the air pressure when travelling on aircraft affects a plaster cast, tightens it and therefore restricts flying. You may think this was a strange conversation but a few weeks ago I fractured my kneecap and she knew we would shortly be returning to England.

Finding the Right Online Business for You

The key to choosing the right online business for yourself is to first understand your personality and then look at three of the most common online businesses to find which matches best. Then learn what is the key skill for starting that business.

What Is an Online Business?

You have probably heard of the term solopreneur, and you’ve probably also wished to have more income. Have you ever thought about opening your own online business? An online business is one that you can work at from anywhere in the world using just a computer. Sometimes people think having their own business will cost a lot of money. Online businesses are often very inexpensive to start up and run. But how do you know which to choose?

Create An Online IT Business Opportunity With 3D Printing

The concept of 3D printing is one of those technological breakthroughs that can dazzle us with its results, but can be hard for the average person to figure out. That’s why IT professionals with a good grasp of everything that the 3D printing process entails could find themselves very much in demand.

How to Copy the Experts

Working online is becoming very popular, in fact today over 2 million people are searching for that keyword. However for the best results learn how to copy the experts, don’t try and go-it alone and work it all out yourself, which products are best sellers, how to build a website, or sending responsive emails. Learn how to copy the experts.

Make Real Money Online, Don’t Dabble

There are many ways you can make money online, there are many start up businesses, but if you are looking for something that long-term can make a good income, but doesn’t take too long to get started, is relatively low cost to begin and you don’t need extensive skills to begin let me tell you what I have found works. Affiliate marketing is what I am doing, if you want a simple way to start, working with the guidance of a mentor is the answer. This will greatly reduce your initial earning time and help stop information overload…

Give Your Customers What They Want

Last Sunday in England was Mothering Sunday, a day when the family treat Mothers to cards flowers or gifts. In Australia it falls on a completely different time of year as my son in Australia informs me. Do they have a mothers day is Spain, I don’t know despite living here for 3 months. If I had stuck to my plan of learning Spanish perhaps I would know.

Free Things To Add To Your Website

Every one of us loves free things to do, to eat, to enjoy or anything else. What’s more, if you get free things to add to your website for its best performance? Isn’t great yes It is loved by every designer or developer because it helps to save their huge cost.

Laptop Success – Work Anywhere

Today it is at least 20 degrees here in Spain with the sun beating down. I am sitting on the patio in the shade of a large umbrella, a blue sky arcs above with hardly a breeze to flutter the umbrella. All this and it’s wintertime in Spain. March to be exact.

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