AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023 | Learn AWS Free | AWS Full Crash Course

In this video AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023 | Learn AWS Free | AWS Full Crash Course we provide a free AWS certification course online. Certification is part of the process to building a great cloud architect career and this video will help you obtain AWS solution architect certification and prepare for the AWS saa-c03.

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If you are looking for a free AWS certification course online to learn AWS free then this AWS certified solutions architect course is for you.

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This AWS certification course online (SAA-C03) is a FREE AWS full course tutorial.

This is a complete AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate training program.

Topics covered in this video include:

00:00 – Introduction
8:25 – Regions, AZ, local zones, Edge location
22:11 – VPC
24:05 – Hybrid cloud, pure cloud, multi-cloud environment
30:20 – Connecting to the cloud (Direct Connect, VPN)
1:02:15 – Ling Aggregation Groups
1:04:18 – Storage (Object, Block, File)
1:18:30 – S3 (Simple Storage Service)
1:39:35 – Instance Storage
2:04:33 – Transfer Your Data to AWS
2:21:50 – Computing on AWS
2:52:01 – Databases
3:21:38 – Database Optimization
3:53:37 – Basics of Networking
4:12:00 – Routing Tables/ Routers / IGW, Elastic Ips and More
4:39:20 – VPC Endpoints (Gateway Endpoints), VPC Peering, CloudHub, and More
5:02:06 – Access Control Lists, Security Groups, and More
5:23:26 – DNS and Route 53
5:50:18 – Load Balancers
6:02:00 – Security Responsibilities, IAM, and More
6:29:10 – Cross Account Roles, Managed Policies, MFA, Identity Federations, and More
6:50:33 – Firewalls, CDN, Security Hub, Guard Duty, and more
7:13:33 – AWS Services
7:41:35 – More AWS Services
8:06:07 – Even More AWS Services
8:34:53 – Even More and More AWS Services
8:57:17 – Still More AWS Services
9:25:15 – IoT Services
9:52:07 – Building High Availability Systems, Passing the Exam and More

Topics covered in this video include:

The AWS Cloud and How It’s Organized
Direct Connect
Public and Private Virtual Interfaces (VIF)
Direct Connect Gateway
Link Aggregation Groups (LAG)
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
AWS Primary Storage Options
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
Elastic File System (EFS)
AWS Storage Gateway
Amazon FSx for Windows
Amazon FSx for Lustre
Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
Instance Purchasing
Tenancy Options
Securing EC2
Relational Databases
NoSQL Databases
Data Warehousing on AWS
Data Lakes
AWS Glue
Database Migration Tools
Internet Gateways
NAT Instances
NAT Gateway
VPC Peering
AWS CloudHub
AWS Transit Gateway
AWS Transit VPC
Network Access Control Lists (NACL)
Security Groups
Amazon Web Application Firewall (WAF)
AWS Firewall Manager
AWS Shield
AWS Service Catalog
AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store
AWS Macie
AWS GuardDuty
AWS Inspector
AWS Security Hub
AWS Simple Queuing Service (SQS)
Amazon MQ
AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
AWS Simple Workflow Service (SWF)
AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)
AWS Kinesis
AWS Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
Amazon OpenSearch
AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
Amazon EKS Distro
AWS EKS Anywhere
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR)
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Config
AWS CloudTrail
AWS CloudFront
AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda@Edge
AWS Step Functions
AWS Forecast
AWS Rekognition
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon Textract
AWS Comprehend
AWS Translate
Amazon Polly
AWS Kendra
AWS Amplify
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Proton
VMWare Cloud on AWS
AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
AWS App Discovery
AWS AppSync
Amazon AppFlow
AWS Cloud9
AWS Code Artifacts
AWS CodeStar
AWS Data Exchange
AWS Device Farm
AWS Global Accelerator
AWS License Manager
AWS Managed Grafana
AWS Wavelength
AWS Well-Architected Tool
AWS Compute Optimizer
AWS Outpost
AWS Service Quotas
Alexa for Business
AWS IoT Device Management
AWS IoT Core
AWS IoT Analytics
AWS IoT Events
AWS IoT Graph
And More

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